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Tryst in the changing room

Finally the holidays are finally over and it’s back to our erotically scheduled programming!

And time for the annual girl tradition. Return the gifts day….  This year was the inaugural event of what I hope will recur every year. My steamy yummy girl friend look-alike, Ashley and I journeyed to the mall, very early on a Tuesday morning, with hopes of having the place to ourselves to indulge in a girlish trying- on-of- hot -outfit ritual.

It turned into far more than that…her and I undressing and squeezing into tiny skirts and tight tops, the both of us together in a roomy changing stall fully equipped with a three paneled mirror.  Both of us small blonds, similar sized. Her skin a shade tanner than my fair porcelain skin.  The never-ending series of reflections of her tight body hugged only by the barest of pink panties was too much for me and  i found my hand reaching out, reaching out, reaching out toward a nipple. She noticed my hand extending in the mirror, and stopped, mesmerized by the reflected sight of my hand stretching out. I stopped. My hand just floated in midair in a moment of uncertainty.  Any doubt I had was erased when she reached and grasped my hand and brought it to her lips….engulfing my index finger with her petal soft lips, her tongue dancing unseen over the tip. 

I gasped, then we embraced, kissing fervently.

It should have not really been a surprise that Ashely was carrying a strap-on harness, equipped with a dildo in that bulky bag she favored.

It should have surprised me even less when she strapped it on, and I bent, with both hands on the mirror, as she plowed my cunt. 

As I crescendo-ed to delicious orgasm, there in the dressing room, our lust was witnessed by endless numbers of reflections from the three paneled mirror of other blond lookalike pairs, also copulating in a mad lesbian lust fuck, all with bright red dildos.

Our reflections were silent, but our moans vibrated the mirror glass.

February 4, 2010   1 Comment